Turbocharger Services

Inspections, Rebuilds and Upgrades

At JE, we rebuild most make and model turbos. We can handle everything from a standard OEM rebuild to high performance upgrades.  The first step in any rebuild or upgrade is an inspection.  This must be performed to asses the current condition of the turbo and determine what is needed.  After we clean the turbo and components and thoroughly inspect everything we will contact you with an estimate and let you know if there are any additional parts needed other than the standard. A standard rebuild typically costs around $300-$600 and consists of replacing all bearings, seals, thrust components, o-rings and a thorough parts cleaning.  This can vary based on the make and model turbo as well as the severity of the wear and components that need replacing. Internal hard parts such as compressor wheels, turbine shafts/wheels, bearing housings, as well as external parts like actuators, compressor covers or turbine housings that need repair or replacement are not included in the standard rebuild but can be replaced at the time of the rebuild if needed. You can either ship your turbo to us or drop it off.  To get started with a rebuild or inspection use the button below to purchase your inspection today.  Include your inspection receipt in the box with your turbo.

We service OEM Turbos and the following Aftermarket Brands