Oil is the most important thing that your engine needs. It is responsible for prolonging the life of internal engine parts, keeping your engine cool, maximizing your engines efficiency and keeping emissions output as low as possible. This is why it is vital to keep fresh, clean oil in your engine on a regular schedule.

We created the JE Performance Essential® Oil Change and Filter Service, just for you.

What types of oil do you offer?

There are many types of oil that are designed for specific use. At JE Import Performance, we believe in using only the best. This is why we are the largest authorized dealer of Motul oil in Northeast USA.

Additionally, with all of the vendor relationships we have, we can also source nearly any type of oil or fluid that you may want to use in your vehicle if requested.

Types of Oils we stock:

  • Conventional motor oil
  • Synthetic motor oil
  • High mileage motor oil
  • Break in oil
  • Manufacturer specific oil

If you are unsure which type of oil is ideal for your vehicle, then call our expect technicians. We are happy to advise you!

How much do oil changes cost?

Oil change pricing depends on the type of oil used and the amount of oil your vehicle requires. Some vehicles require much more oil than others so the range can vary greatly. On average though, expect to spend around $35-$125 for varying qualities of synthetic oil change with a filter.

For an exact quote, call our friendly staff for a no-obligation quote.

How often should my oil be changed?

Modern vehicles, typically built in the last decade, are designed to go longer between oil changes. This can range from 3,000 to 8,000 miles. Older vehicles may require more frequent oil changes, ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 miles to keep up efficiency.

High performance engines may also require a more frequent oil change.

We ALWAYS recommend using your owners manual to identify what the recommended oil change interval for your vehicle is, as well as the recommended oil type.

What are the signs that I need an oil change?

Your vehicle’s owners manual is the best source of info on “when” you should be having your oil changed.

However, there are some telltale signs that your engine may need fresh oil outlined below.

  • Dash light – Newer vehicles come equipped with oil life monitors that calculate the age/life of the oil currently in the vehicle based on its’ last service.
  • Dash light – Most vehicles also have level sensors that can advise you when your oil level is low.
  • Dark/contaminated oil – If you check your oil dipstick and the color of your oil is dark, this could be a sign that the oil is old and heavily used. Fresh engine oil is more transparent and can be seen as a light brown or amber color.
  • Overheating – Oil helps to lubricate your engines internal parts. When it is low, blocked or dirty, it can result in engine overheating.
  • Grinding or tapping noises – These sounds may be a result of metal on metal contact which means your oil is low, blocked or old/used to the point where is it no longer providing proper lubrication.
  • Fluid under your vehicle or on engine parts points to an oil leak which often mean low oil levels.
  • Blue smoke or a burnt, foul smell from your exhaust points to a failed head gasket. This means your engine is burning oil in the combustion chamber.

Why choose JE for my oil change?


We are transparent and will give you straight forward, accurate information about your vehicle. We will never undersell or oversell you services you don’t need.


We offer competitive rates and a variety of payment options to help you preserve your hard earned money.


You can lean on our decades of automotive repair experience and rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.


Our certified technicians can guarantee that your vehicle repair will be done right, the first time.