Your vehicle’s heater system is one of the most important components in your vehicle, especially if you live in the Northeast like we do!

There is nothing worse than getting into an icy, cold car and having no heat to warm you up. When this happens, it typically means that something failing in your vehicle’s HVAC system. Failures can include things like: low coolant, a bad heater core, a failing blower motor, a failing controller, or even a failing or broken thermostat.

We created the JE Performance Essential Heating Service to help keep you comfortable in your vehicle.

How much do heating system repairs cost?

Diagnostics to determine the problem with your heating and defrost system typically start around $125.

Repairs to your vehicle’s heating system ranges from $100 for a simple repair (such as a replacement hose) to $1,000+ to replace a major part such as the heater core, or control unit.

Prices do vary by make and model though. For the most accurate quote, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable technicians for a no-obligation estimate.

How often does my heat and defrost system need to be serviced?

Unfortunately there is no universal schedule to service your vehicles heating system. Components like your thermostat can be replaced on a set internal that can be found in your owners manual.

Other components mentioned above are typically serviced when they show signs of a failure.

What are the signs of a failing heater system?

Most obviously your heat may no longer work, or it will work poorly. Since your heater system is tied to the vehicle’s coolant system, it could also cause damage to your engine, or other components within the vehicle as well.

Your heater core is a small, radiator-like device that usually sits behind your dashboard vents. Coolant enters the core, takes in heat, and then exits to warm up the air being blown into your cabin. When the coolant entering the heater core is low, often as a result of a leak, or is the system is clogged, you will get cold air blowing from you vents. You may also smell a sweet smell in your cabin or your windows may often fog up on the inside of your vehicle.

Why choose JE for my heating system repairs?


We are transparent and will give you straight forward, accurate information about your vehicle. We will never undersell or oversell you services you don’t need.


We offer competitive rates and a variety of payment options to help you preserve your hard earned money.


You can lean on our decades of automotive repair experience and rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.


Our certified technicians can guarantee that your vehicle repair will be done right, the first time.