Your vehicle comes equipped with electronic warning systems that can notify you, and even prevent engine damage.

Most important of these is your check engine light. When this warning light comes up, it usually means there is an issue with an engine component.

Getting that information can be tricky without specialized tools and equipment.

Remember, a lot of parts stores will do a complimentary “code read, or scans.”

They will then provide you with a list of common components you could buy from them that MIGHT repair the failure.

Or, the components they recommend, may do nothing at all but waste your time and money.

However, having a qualified technician: inspect, test, and verify, that the recommended repair will solve the issue which could save you hundreds of dollars instead of just guessing, and having someone simply replace parts when there may be an underlying problem.

This is why we created the JE Performance Essential® Service Engine Repair and Diagnostic Testing, just for you.

Why is my Check Engine light on?

Typically, you will see two types of warnings:

  • A solid, or half, Check Engine light usually signifies an accessory component or something non vital is failing on/in your engine.
  • A flashing Check Engine light usually indicates a vital component failure. When you see this, you should not drive your vehicle and should get to your nearest service center for diagnostics. This could save your engine!

How much do engine repairs cost?

On average, it costs between $90-$160 to have your Check Engine light diagnosed depending on your vehicle.

Certain manufacturers require very specialized equipment to read trouble codes that are stored in your vehicles ECU.

These types of vehicles can cost more to diagnose. For a no-obligation quote, contact our friendly and knowledgeable technicians today.

What are the signs of an engine issue?

Your vehicle has many warning lights that can tell you if there is a problem with your engine. Below are the three common warning lights that are related to your engine and what they may be telling you.

This is your Check Engine light. As we have mentioned, it indicates many things from vital engine component failure (flashing light) to smaller warnings like a loose gas cap (solid light).

This is your Engine Temperature light. It means that your engine is overheating, or overheated, and is most likely due to low coolant levels or restricted coolant flow.

This is your Oil Pressure light. It indicates that there is a problem with your car’s oil pressure system. Typically this means low oil levels, from leaks to oil consumption, or poor oil circulation.

Why choose JE for my engine repairs?


We are transparent and will give you straight forward, accurate information about your vehicle. We will never undersell or oversell you services you don’t need.


We offer competitive rates and a variety of payment options to help you preserve your hard earned money.


You can lean on our decades of automotive repair experience and rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.


Our certified technicians can guarantee that your vehicle repair will be done right, the first time.