Why is my AC not blowing cold air?

Typically, AC system failure can be traced to one (or more) of  three parts. These include the AC Compressor, the AC Condenser and AC Lines.

  • AC Compressors will wear out over time, especially in warmer climates where the system is used more frequently. Commonly the compressor clutch, which spins with the AC belt, can become loose or rotate off center resulting in a failure.
  • AC Condensers can begin to fail when they get a lack of air flow from bent fins or dirty/blocked coils. They also fail when there is a refrigerant leak. 
  • Other AC system parts include the thermal expansion drive, receiver, dryer, accumulator, evaporator, and blower. Any of these parts, as well as your AC lines and connections, may need service when your AC does not blow cold.
  • Low refrigerant (coolant) is the most common cause of an AC problem. If the system is low, not as a result of leak, the the repair, an refrigerant recharge, can be quick and low cost.

How much do air conditioning repairs cost?

A simple A/C recharge costs around $130. Diagnostic cost is typically around $170. Additional repairs can vary depending on the severity of the issue.

Once the cause of your A/C issue has been determined, our team will provide an estimate for the repair.

Minor A/C system repairs, like a line replacement can range from $250-$750 depending on your vehicle Make and Model.

A/C compressors and condenser repairs vary widely, again depending on the Make and Model.

We ask that you contact our friendly and knowledgeable technicians to get an accurate, no-obligation quote on these repairs.

How often does my AC system need to be serviced?

Unfortunately there is no universal schedule to service your vehicles AC system. Components like your cabin air filter can be replaced on a set internal that can be found in your owners manual.

Other components mentioned above can only be serviced when they show signs of a failure.

What are the signs of a failing air conditioning system?

  • The most obvious symptom is warm or even hot air blowing from your vents when your AC is turned on. Please note though that the AC system may take a minute or two to get up to the proper temperate, especially on hot days when you vehicle is heat soaked.
  • Squealing/rattling/grinding noises when your AC system is turned on. Squealing is usually associated with a belt while rattling/grinding can often be associated with a compressor clutch.
  • Refrigerant stains under your vehicle or on your driveway. refrigerant is an oily like substance, often tinted green. If you see this fluid then this is a sign of a leak.
  • Water leaking into your vehicle is a sign of a clogged water drain line.
  • Musty or unpleasant smells inside your vehicle may indicate that your cabin filter needs to be changed.

Why choose JE for my AC repairs?


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