Pre-Inspection to Full Fabrication

We can handle it all

The key to finishing first is to first finish. Keeping any race car track-worthy and competitive, requires constant, meticulous maintenance and upkeep. It requires attention be paid to even the smallest, most insignificant of details. This is because any small problem found at the shop, can result in a big problem on track.

At JE Import Performance, we offer every service a race car could need to stay reliable and ready to win. From pre-season check-up’s and tech inspections, to complete vehicle overhauls, we can handle it all.

Series We Can Build For

Services Include:

  • Roll Cage Fabrication
  • Corner weighting
  • Weight setting for class compliance
  • Restraint systems
  • Halon Gas/Fire extinguisher systems
  • Window Net installation
  • Custom Race seat mounting brackets
  • Fuel Cell mounting and installation
  • Lexan window install
  • Weight Reduction
  • Chassis/Suspension Setup and Alignment
  • Pre-season inspections
  • Race car winterizing
  • Race Engine Rebuilds/Buildups
  • Transmission building and custom gearing setup
  • On track suspension tuning
  • Dyno tuning of engines and ECU’s