Clutch and Flywheel Upgrades

for all makes and models

A vehicle’s clutch and flywheel are essential to getting the power from the engine, to the transmission, and down to the wheels. Having the proper clutch/disc/flywheel package for your vehicle will have a large effect upon the vehicle’s overall drivability, and it’s ability to harness power the engine is producing. At JE Import, we will assist you in picking the best combination of clutch and flywheel to help you achieve your goals and power output. We source our drivetrain components from only the most reputable manufacturers in order to provide our customers with several strong and reliable options for getting the power to pavement. From entry level, Stage 1 street/strip setups, to ultra high performance multi-disc racing setups, JE Import Performance can provide you with the proper parts and service for your application.

Installation on most applications starting from $350.00  

Transmission Overhaul

for all makes and models

Is your transmission getting old, torque converter slipping, gears grinding?  Let JE Import overhaul your transmission to make it like new again. We can blueprint your transmission, de-burr components, clean and replace any damaged gears, synchronizers, bearings, and other components. Using our years of expertise gained from setting up transmissions for competition and street use, we are able to rebuild transmissions better than they were, right of the assembly line. There is a great deal of power to be unleashed by improving the transmission, and reducing the amount of power lost by unwanted friction. By reducing rotating mass, and friction between components, the transmission is able to function at higher efficiency, allowing more power to make it from the motor, to the wheels. On average most vehicles lose approximately 20% of their power due to the drivetrain.  If that loss can be reduced to say 15%, it can make a tremendous difference on anything, from a 600hp Toyota drag car to a 200hp street Nissan.  

Gear and Synchro Upgrade

for all makes and models

Sometimes, OEM parts just won’t cut it. This is why we offer several upgrades for most transmissions.

Carbon coated synchronizers are a good option that can aid in the reduction of friction and are more durable than OEM.  Durability is very important in high output situations and can mean the difference between winning and losing. 

Contact us for carbon coating prices and applications.

LSD and Final Drive Upgrades

for all makes and models

At JE Import Performance, we sell, setup, and install several brands of limited slip differentials, and final drives. These items can be a very beneficial upgrade whether you are setting up a track car, dragster, drift car, autocrosser, or any other high performance car where proper chassis/suspension setup is essential.

Depending on the racing environment, it is sometimes essential to alter the final drive gear ratio. By altering the final drive ratio, a driver may be able to achieve faster acceleration while lowering the overall top speed. This can benefit a driver at a track or event where a higher top speed can be sacrificed for stronger acceleration. It can also be done to better match up a transmission’s gearing to a rear end. JE Import Performance offers several different ring and pinion, and LSD options to get you the optimum setup.