JE Turbo Kits

Custom turbocharger kits are our specialty.

We can fabricate a completely custom, turbo kit for any vehicle from scratch – and we can tune your vehicle as well. A JE designed forced induction system will look like a work of art in your engine compartment, and will out perform the competition.

JE Import Custom Manifolds
Another critical component, would be a manifold that features efficient gas flow as well as the ability to withstand extreme temperatures for long duration without succumbing. Every JE manifold is constructed from schedule10 304L stainless steel tubes with beefy 1/2″ flanges to ensure they can stand up to anything you throw at them. We are so confident in this we guarantee our manifolds FOR LIFE!!

JE Import Custom Exhaust
In order to guarantee maximum turbocharger efficiency, spent exhaust gas needs to exit the vehicle with as little resistance as possible. JE will construct a custom stainless steel downpipe and exhaust system to make sure your forced induction system is functioning at its maximum potential. Constructed from mandrel bent 304 Stainless Steel, all JE exhaust systems are designed to stand up to the harshest operating conditions imaginable. JE Import Performance exhaust systems are TIG welded and back-purged for the highest possible strength and cleanest look.

JE Import Custom Intercoolers
High air density is the key to producing peak power with any motor setup. One of the best ways to improve air density is to cool the intake air after it has been compressed by the turbocharger, but before it enters the motor. A properly sized intercooler system is essential for any forced induction system, and can be difficult to choose. An intercooler that is too large may slow down throttle response and lower boost pressure by to high a margin; too small and the intercooler may not move enough CFM of airflow to satisfy the engine’s demands, and can become heat soaked too quickly, prohibiting reliable consistent temps. Using our experience we will fabricate an intercooler system for your unique needs. JE intercooler systems are constructed from stainless or aluminum tubing and high-quality bar and plate style cores.

Looking for liquid-to-air intercooling? JE can also custom fabricate a liquid-to-air intercooler system to suit your needs.

Industry Leading Turbochargers
We only use reputable turbochargers from the industry’s top brand including Turbo by Garrett, BorgWarner and Precision Turbo. Additionally, our team of expert technicians can assemble and rebuild any turbocharger in house.

View our turbocharger rebuild service.